Friday, May 8, 2015

Are you a leader?

On the drive home from preschool today, I turned up my radio, forgetting that I had a direct sales CD in there.  After about two sentences on goal setting, my youngest asked a related question that took me by surprise.  He asked, "Mama, are you a leader?"  Sensing a teachable moment in the air, I replied, "Yes" (with intentional confidence).

His next question was even deeper for a five year old.  He said, "Are you a leader that bosses people or are you a leader that has teams?"  What an intuitive question for a young soul.

I shared with him (feeling grateful) that I am a leader that has teams.  This is a beautiful truth because I am blessed with hundreds of women on my team, but I also have incredible, compassionate, smart, savvy leaders who help their team members reach their goals.  What an incredible journey to have strong teams with consultants on all spectrums:  those who are beginning their business, those who are reaching their goals and those who are exploring what this business may do for them.

I was part of a vendor event last night talking to people about my business and was sharing what an incredible business structure and opportunity we have available in direct sales.  Not only can I set my own personal goals and increase my monthly activity as needed and desired, but I have the honor and privilege of working with incredible women and men on my team.  About ten years ago we named our team the Sensational Spa Sisters and we have always supported one another like family, with a deep awareness of helping each other reach goals that are important to that individual.

I worked in corporate America for nearly a decade and I saw the pressures of managers who had to meet monthly quotas and reach the numbers projected on all those spreadsheets.  A pressurized system can easily create leaders who boss.

After leaving that frenetic 60 to 80 hour work week and transitioning to a stay at home mom, it was a huge adjustment to move from a generous salary to a big circle for my salary.  I needed to bring in a decent income for my family, but I could not envision slaving away 40, 50 or 60 hours a week with young kids on my heart and in my care.  Finding my own business niche where I could rely on myself for success and have the beautiful support of my team was the answer. I am so proud, honored and humbled to have an incredible nation-wide team of over six-hundred consultants.

Team Awards Night at Convention in Colorado:

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