Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sweet Sixteen

In October, it is so much fun to celebrate my anniversary with Lemongrass Spa Products and I'm grateful to be rejoicing with my "Sweet 16" anniversary this year. When I started on this journey, I had never been in sales, but I had always been in sales because I am the type of person that if I find something that is outrageously amazing, I am going to share it with YOU. I knew I would be able to share and my desire was huge. You see, I didn't know all the steps that it would take to get strong at sharing with others or how to build a team or sell enough to make an impact or how to earn promotions and I didn't need to know all the steps when I started. I just needed to begin.
I listened to an awesome talk by John Maxwell last night that sums it up (my paraphrase): When you begin something, you don't need to be perfect and you don't need to hit all your goals, you just need to have a deep DESIRE. That desire will help you as you fail through your first several attempts and then you just keep going because your DESIRE to MAKE an IMPACT is what matters. #Truth My favorite aspect of my business is being able to make an impact. I have been able to make a difference in helping countless families toss the toxic ingredients out of their every-day routines and instead, use pure, natural and organic ingredients from head-to-toe. That matters a great deal to me. It mattered sixteen years ago and it matters even more today. I'm so grateful to my phenomenal customers who have partnered with me to bless so many non-profits and individuals with fundraisers. What a blessing! I have been able to make an impact by being an ENCOURAGER and helping others find their passion as they begin their Lemongrass Spa business. It started with my saying 'yes' on October 1st and signing that piece of paper at our owner's home and taking my kit home to dream big and make my plans!
I'm so grateful to have the privilege of encouraging the leaders on my team and all those in our organization who said YES to their dream as well. Some of the 1,861 women and men on our team said 'yes' to beginning in order to have SAFER products for their family and others wanted to replace or supplement their income so they could have Time Freedom by setting their own hours and making their own decisions about the income they want to make. Our organization shared more than $4.8 million in safe and healthy Lemongrass Spa Products during our conference year of 2019/2020. That is something to be celebrated among our organization, to be sure.
I am so honored to work alongside some of the most positive, encouraging, motivated, caring and enthusiastic individuals who desire a healthier lifestyle with their head-to-toe necessities but also a healthier relationship with the amount of time they spend working. These phenomenal individuals have their own dream and their own mission and they motivate me daily. I could not be happier to have signed that piece of paper sixteen years ago, which enabled me to build relationships that will last a lifetime. I’m humbled that my saying ‘yes’, meant that opened the door for the 1,861 individuals on my team.
Thanks for taking a moment to celebrate with me! The truth is, I have trouble sharing these types of milestones because I don't like to put the focus on myself, but I was encouraged this week that this celebration is about sharing what is POSSIBLE and (most importantly), celebrating my team. If I started with a team of ONE (me, myself and I), and have built a dynamic, phenomenal, compassionate, motivated and caring organization of eighteen hundred STRONG individuals, so can you. If I have had multiple promotions, so can you. If I have earned seven spa incentive trips, so can you! If I can make an impact, so can you. I believe that wholeheartedly. It all begins with saying ‘yes’ and having a deep desire to make a difference. The truth is: none of us do this alone. Not one of us figures out everything on our own. Our team culture is that we encourage one another, we help one another, we share with one another, we problem solve with one another and we brainstorm with one another. Together, we become stronger and more innovative and more empowered. I am blessed! As Wendy Gerlach shares, "Together we are stronger." During Covid, we have strengthened our relationships with our customers and have found a way to serve them well. I hope you are staying healthy and safe. We proudly ship all across the USA so let me know if I may help you or serve you.
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