Saturday, December 12, 2020

We have all been seeing the FB post to show a photo of yourself 10 years ago and then also a recent photo to share a fun 'anti-aging' post. I'm going to flip that concept a bit and challenge you to share as well: What would my younger self share with my 'today' self that would benefit me right now? (I'm holding a photo from 30+ years ago because we don't age much in 10 years unless you are a young friend of mine in your twenties!)

Here are a few things that came to mind:
* Get outside more!
* Laugh with friends until you are doubled over and your side hurts so much that you gasp for air and then you do it all over again.
* Have a fierce belief in your future self.
* Be more silly, color in those coloring books, jump on a sled and relish in the times to play in life.
* Believe in all the possibilities.
What would my current 'self' be able to teach my younger self:
* Forget about what anyone else thinks of you; that is absolutely none of your business.
* It isn't your job to solve all the conflicts and hold space for all of that......let others work out more of their stuff on their own and you can be there to talk before and after, but it isn't all of yours to hold, solve and resolve.
* Be a lot lighter- that 'permanent file' that supposedly follows us around everywhere doesn't exist in the way you think it does.
* Holding on to tough memories is extremely heavy. Learn how to dig deep, walk through what you need to walk through and put down that baggage sooner.
* Enjoy it all: the laughter, the tears, the deep conversations, and the awesome discoveries of each new phase of your life.
* Don't worry about getting older; life gets better as we learn more about ourselves and those we love.
* Don't wear those horrible '80s jeans that were so skin tight that you couldn't breathe well when they were zipped up. Proudly wear what you want to wear.
* Know that there will be many, many times in your life that you will feel helpless and clueless. The anti-dote is to seek the advice and counsel and wisdom of those who have walked that particular journey of grief or pain before you and allow them to help show you the way.
* Keep praying: You are called to be someone you are not today.

Let's hashtag this: #Lessonsfromyouth #LessonsfromMyCurrentViewpoint