Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old Fashioned Technology

I was one of "those" people who held out on getting a smart phone for a very, very long time. I had a flip phone for emergencies, which my friend shared that I should call it a "flip-o-saurus".  For several years past everyone else, I held on to my flip-o-saurus and paid a low monthly fee and rarely used it. The downside was that if I needed instant directions due to road construction, I was at a loss. I would normally call my husband in those times and ask him to look up an alternate route for me on his smart phone and that was a bit inconvenient for him.

I held out on getting a smart phone for such a long time, I believe, because I had worked in a job where I had to be "on call" twenty four hours a day and my pager would beep or vibrate at all hours. I wasn't drawn to add that level of adrenaline back into my life. I did not savor the thought of phones ringing or buzzing or vibrating during my quiet evenings or during my down-time with my family.

And then I realized....

With my current role, I should not have any (or many) emergencies and I can definitely choose to shut off my phone completely when I am in the comfort of my home with my family. Ahhhh....that felt so much more relaxing than my New York City role where I had to be available at all hours of the night to help manage a conflict. The adrenaline rush of that time period served its purpose in my life, but now I was ready to embrace a new chapter. I did not want to bring the stress of a pager with me (or the feeling of being paged twenty four seven).

Therefore, in January of 2014, I embraced the idea of owning a smart phone. And, yes, being able to look up things that I needed while away from my home is a huge time saver and entirely helpful. Having directions shared with me as I am en-route to a hostess' home is wonderful and such a help so that I don't doubt that I am driving in the right direction or will make it to my destination. The only drawback with having a Smart Phone with unlimited minutes was the fact that I don't like talking into the device itself. I really wanted an old fashioned hand-set to hold up to my ear and have the familiarity of talking into a phone. My "need" for such an item was loudly answered as I was searching on one evening and found exactly what I needed.

Here is the video of my unveiling that product in real time:   Enjoy!
P.S.   Public Service Announcement:  please never text and drive.

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