Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Processed Enough?

Even though I visit the Grocery Store every week, it still baffles me that we have moved from a store full of food to all these processed food items. I'm still not used to this "shift". 

If you look at the meat photo (below) that I captured in my local store, this runs the entire length of one grocery aisle and then more processed meats overflow and continue in two or three more aisles.

This is NOT the meat department of my childhood.  I can recall those trips to the store with my mom and shivering as we entered the colder aisles with the meat. I remember crossing my arms and rubbing my cold forearms in an attempt to warm up as she carefully selected chicken and roasts for the week.   The difference when I was a child is that you would see whole chickens, cuts of meat, and various options that were not pre-packaged in neat little tubs with sauce and just needing a bit of time in the microwave to re-heat.  The "quick" version of meat at that time was that some of the chicken had been cut into the thighs or breasts and that step was already finished.  The lunch meat area and processed meat area that now rules the meat section was extremely small.  I remember examining that strange bologna package as a kid and then also the lunchmeat with the flakes of red and green, wondering what in the world that was and feeling a bit grateful that my mom did not purchase meat with Christmas colors included. 

I have read in several places that so many Americans have no idea how to cook and when I walk through a standard grocery store, that makes so much sense to me.  Most "food" options available to us today just require a re-heating option or many items may be eaten straight out of a box with no preparation needed whatsoever. 

I don't think my grandparents would even recognize the "food" available in grocery stores today. 

On the positive side, it does make it much faster and less complicated to walk through a grocery store and to pick up what is needed, as there are so many aisles I don't even need to visit. 

At times, I become ingrained with this being the "normal" and may not even "see" all this processed food for what it is and may not even think about all the added preservatives and ingredients that would be foreign to my grandparents.  

Do you remember when grocery stores had more real food?

What is your favorite grocery store? 

What percentage of your favorite store would you guess that you walk through when you shop? 

What is your favorite source for excellent recipes? 

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