Friday, November 14, 2014

I can hardly believe it!

My exceptional TEAM is about to reach 500 members. How amazing!

If you have been wondering about running your own Lemongrass Spa business or know someone who may be excellent at this, take note: # 500 on our team will win a BONUS gift from me. I started this journey ten years ago and it was the best business decision I have ever made.

I have the privilege of working with wonderful team members, my fellow directors, and my incredible hostesses and customers. I have met so many authentic and life-long friends over ten years and my business has made an enormous impact on my family. I have learned a great deal, have felt challenged to grow, learn more and always be at my best. It is a great honor to work with my team and support them with trainings, one on one mentorship and regular encouragement. 

My theme song at this point in my career is: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. My theme song in my last job was "Gotta be cool, gotta be calm, gotta keep it together", as I dealt in employee conflict all day long. I choose my life today vs. other career paths I have learned from and I'm not going back! 

Here are a few things I enjoy about sharing and selling Lemongrass Spa: * I get to encourage women to practice simple self-care rituals. * I have the privilege of helping women on my team reach their own personal goals. * I get to meet some amazing women and men when I step out and enjoy vendor events and spa parties. * I have the JOY of using my business to fundraise and make a difference for some amazing organizations (and individuals) each year. * I get to share my passion of health and help others to learn that it deeply matters what we use on our skin. Thank you so much for supporting my business over the past ten years. The best is yet to come....!

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