Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Prebiotics in skincare is Revolutionary

One of my favorite stories to tell about our line is how our Prebiotics were developed ‘on accident’. You see, an Environmental Scientist was tasked with cleaning up chemical spills in lakes & waterways and he developed a kelp and Prebiotic recipe that was quite effective at over-taking the chemical brew. His lead Scientist would stir the batches and he noticed that where the Prebiotic mixture was splashing on his arm (during the mixing), that it was clearing up his eczema.

Eureka Moment: Mark realized that he had also developed a powerful product that would help encourage the healthy bacteria to THRIVE on our skin.

How amazing is that? Mark describes our Prebiotic Line as “Health Food for our Skin”. He worked on prebiotics for twenty four years and introduced it to Lemongrass Spa. He shares, “the healthier your skin is, the less susceptible you are to damage and disease.”

For me, I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin the very first time I used our Prebiotic Body Wash. My skin was softer and a smoother texture that was more moisturized. Another gem from our product developer: “Prebiotics are designed to clean without stripping the good ecology on our skin that is supposed to be there as a shield. They promote a continued sealing and healing process to the body.”
Added Benefit: the more we use the Prebiotic products, the more we are helping to keep our water system healthy. Full Circle: remember that this product began as a solution to clean up chemical spills in the environment. Fast forward to thousands of people using this as hand soap, body wash and face wash. Now~ consider the impact of sending prebiotics down your shower or kitchen drain versus a chemical brew. You can make an impact!

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