Friday, January 2, 2015

The Gifts of being an Entrepreneur

Do you look forward to Monday morning, feel ho-hum about it or dread your work? Have you ever considered the benefits of running your own business? There are so many gifts of being an entrepreneur and running your own Lemongrass Spa business (too many to share here), but I will focus on those that speak to my colleagues the most to give you an idea why women adore their Lemongrass Spa business. To find out more select "Join my Team" at

Running your own business where you set your own schedule, make money every time you have an event, get creative with ideas to improve and build upon what you have established builds confidence. When you build a successful business, success builds confidence.  I have seen over and over, women who have said, "I have never been in sales" or "I am not good at sales" have incredible success with their Lemongrass Spa business. Why? Their passion for these exceptional natural and organic products is inevitable.  Passion breathes enthusiasm; enthusiasm breathes joy; joy must be shared; people want to be around joy!

"Be a sister on the SPA team".  Our team's name is the Sensational Spa Sisters and we are a wonderful sisterhood of support, encouragement, integrity and focus for one another (both men and women).  We have a private team page where questions can be asked and help is available.  I adore walking alongside my new team members and helping them to figure out their goals and celebrating when those goals are reached. Having sold Lemongrass Spa for ten years, I can assure you that this is not a fleeting trend and I love to share ideas that have worked, as do the directors on our team. We are one of the fastest growing teams in Lemongrass Spa and have over 500 on our exceptional team. Hands down, what many women and men love is the sisterhood and the new friendships and bonds that are inevitable with a positive and upbeat group.

Would it be helpful for you if you could set your own hours and make additional money during your family's "off hours" so that you can attend all the important events that matter to you and your family?  Personally, I love to set up my spa parties on weekend afternoons and mornings so that I can be home with my family in the evening for dinner, story time and spend time with my husband and kids.  The freedom to set your own schedule is so important. If you could set your own hours, when you would work?

Financial Impact:
The biggest reason that women (and men) begin a direct sales business is to make more income and that can make a huge impact. Would it be helpful for your family (or for YOU) if you could earn an extra $600.00 to $800.00 per month?  What would you do with that additional income? Would that money pay for your kid's activities, sports and camps?  Would you be able to afford a reliable car or save for a vacation that has been on your bucket list?  Some team members use their income to pay for college bills for their kids, put away money for retirement or finish a home re-model project that they have been dreaming about completing.  What will you do with your Lemongrass Spa income?

Be on the Cutting Edge of what Customers Need: 
How would you like to be on the cutting edge of what consumers are asking for, but are having a hard time finding on the store shelves?  Lemongrass Spa Products is leading the way by offering hand-crafted, natural and organic spa necessities that are gluten-FREE, soy-FREE, and free of nasty chemicals. We intentionally choose the highest quality ingredients and keep our price point attainable so more people can use healthy products head to toe with our botanical shampoo, natural deodorant, Sheer Minerals, body lotions and much more. Our products are safe and gentle enough for the most delicate skin, including those going through chemotherapy and newborn baby skin.

Consumable Product:
Would you enjoy offering the highest quality facial products on the market, body care products, Sheer Minerals, and head to toe necessities that are consumable? Your faithful customers will want to purchase from you again and again due to the tremendous quality of our products, the intentionally affordable price point and the excellent customer care that you will offer.

Make a Difference:
My team is on a mission to let families know that it matters what we put on our skin (our largest organ). What a privilege it is to spread this awareness and help families find organic and safe products for their newborns, their precious kids, for themselves and for friends undergoing chemo, struggling with eczema or those wanting to make a healthy change for the best!  We also give back to our community through the Freedom Feet Program and with donating stress relief kits to the Ronald McDonald House, just to name a couple areas. As an independent consultant, you can choose causes that speak to your heart and create fundraisers that will make an impact.

Give the gift of relaxation with healthy products. We wouldn't eat junk food three meals a day so it is not healthy to feed our skin junk (nasty chemicals) either!

What are you waiting for?
The best way to know if this business is right for you is to jump in and give it a try. Our company allows you to do just that. After you have held your first four shows, if you have not fallen in love with this business, you are welcome to keep all the products in your starter kit and the money that you made at those four shows.  If, however, you fall in love with sharing our natural products with others, then I will be here for you to walk with you and help you reach your next set of goals.   It doesn't get much better than that.....You can literally try out our business and receive almost $400.00 in products for only $139.00 to see if this will be a good fit for you.

Today is a great day to begin.  
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Thank you for taking the time to read about my passion and to consider for a moment how this business may fit into your life. I feel incredibly blessed to love the work that I do and to make an impact in other's lives, especially in the lives of my family and my teammates.

I love this memory of just some of our Sensational Spa Sisters at convention 2014 when we gathered in our circle of support and shared encouraging words and poured into one another.

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