Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Having a Plan B can make an Impact

I know many parents who have decided to cut back on their work hours in order to be available for their children who are navigating online school. One friend shared that they need to have two internet routers in their home to support her husband's work and also three boys who are fully participating in online school. The bandwidth on one system was simply not enough so they are paying for two. Other parents need to be present to support their special needs child during this flux and helping them with a hybrid school schedule or a full time at-home online school scenario. Financial news: "Parents of younger children are in a very tenuous position. According to a new survey from COUNTRY Financial, to accommodate the changes in the 2020 school season, 21% of parents have had to cut back their workload, and 7% have even had to quit their jobs altogether. With less money coming into the household coffers, 70% of these parents say they’ve had to delay payment on at least one of their monthly bills." Jean Chatzky This is a time where direct sales (especially working an Online Lemongrass Spa business) could SAVE the day! If you know anyone that would benefit from learning more about Lemongrass Spa Products, I'm open to sharing my success and experience over a zoom and a coffee. I tell my newest team members that they will not need to create systems from scratch, as we have a culture of sharing ideas and strategies. I have years of experience with Lemongrass Spa and love to share proven strategies that work with my team. I adore linking arms and helping my newest team members meet THEIR goals. #BecauseofLemongrassSpa #OnlineSolutions #2020PivotPlan
One of the best aspects is that we have what individuals and families need to purchase including: natural hand soaps with tea tree and citrus organic mascara nourishing lotions with no fillers prebiotic body wash organic lipgloss natural hand sanitizer Organic Essential Oils that are USDA Certified Organic Whipped Body Butter Healing Elements Balm delicious fall aromas natural deodorant a baby line a line just for a new mama a men's line Anti Aging Facial Care and much more.... Coming soon: Our holiday scents that are derived from organic essential oils and plants. We never use chemical fragrances. On your own timeline, take a peek at all of the benefits of beginning your Lemongrass Spa journey here: What speaks to you? Are you looking for: Time Freedom (setting your OWN hours!) Making an Impact through Fundraisers Creating a Vacation Fund or Bridging the GAP during this time Inspiring Others to make the switch to a natural and organic product line and kick toxins out of their home.
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