Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Simple Self Care Rituals

At a recent pampering evening for women, I was deeply reminded about why I started my Lemongrass Spa journey almost fifteen years ago. The evening was so wonderful, and gave women the opportunity to enjoy a massage, a therapeutic foot soak, an experience to make herbal tea, get a spine assessment and enjoy a hand spa treatment with me. There were also many other opportunities for women to choose from and even though it was a cold and snowy evening, the warmth in the room was palpable.

At the end of the evening, there was one more give-away and Dr. Patti was gathering any ticket stubs from the front area when a mom sat down near me. I asked her if she wanted to enjoy a hand spa treatment and with a contented look on her face, she shared, "Thank you, but I'm really good." I asked her what she had enjoyed that evening and she had taken in the evening fully, experiencing a massage, a foot soak and much more. She shared that this evening was her first evening out since having a newborn and I was absolutely thrilled for her. Moms with small babies find it difficult to step away and take time for themselves, especially if they are on a breastfeeding schedule with their baby. The look of bliss on this mom's face was so wonderful and made me feel so happy for her.

This moment with this mom took me back to my first spa evening in my neighbor's home, where I was the guest and we started the evening with a thirty minute massage, then enjoyed a hand spa and finished with a relaxing foot soak. I was in love with the experience and the idea that, as a busy mom, I could do something like this for myself in my home. It was the start of something much larger for me and in that moment, as I was being poured in to, I realized it had been a very long time since I had truly done anything for myself.

Something consistent I have noticed over the past couple of years is that women want me to explain more and more how to explore a simple self-care ritual in their daily lives. Incorporating self-care in the midst of such a busy world is crucial and I think the simpler the self-care ritual is, the better. Some examples include: a one-minute body polish treatment on our hands, a walk around the block, rubbing peppermint balm on our pressure points, taking a bath, sitting quietly in a cozy chair without any technology interruptions, enjoying a cup of tea or whatever is relaxing and calming for you.

What is your favorite simple self-care ritual?
Do you find ways to incorporate it into your week? If not, imagine yourself putting that self-care time in to your schedule. How would that change your outlook for the day or the week for you?

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