Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Product: Prebiotic 3 in 1 Wash

New Product Spotlight: "Prebiotic 3-In-1 Wash"

We just released a brand-new prebiotic wash and the story behind it is worthy of sharing with you!
It was highlighted at our summer product release that one of the missions that Heidi Leist (CEO, owner and founder of Lemongrass Spa) has is to help our customers have fewer bottles in their shower or tub area because this will put fewer bottles in the landfill, save our customers money and allow them to use healthier products on their bodies, which means that fewer chemicals are also going down the drain.

The Prebiotic is a revolutionary product for Lemongrass Spa and if you don't know much about our prebiotics, I'm delighted to share with you here, as this is exciting news:

Our Lemongrass Spa Product Developer, Mark Hessling, created the prebiotics as "health food for your skin" and the prebiotics "allow our body to thrive by focusing on the super-ecology of our body". Mark Hessling was the FIRST person to develop prebiotics and he has been doing this for twenty-five years. He worked with the World Health Organization on Cancer and he has used prebiotics to clean up environmental spills by using the natural kelp prebiotic formulation to naturally clean environmental spills. Here is what I share about that at my events: "When you add chemicals to clean up a chemical spill, you just have more chemicals. Our in-house product manager developed a plant based prebiotic that will naturally clean and eat the bad bacteria and encourage the good and healthy bacteria. This growth of healthy bacteria is true for our skin and we are receiving incredible testimonials on these prebiotics from our customers."

With the NEW 3 in 1 Prebiotic Wash, this ONE bottle will replace three bottles in your shower and that will save you (and your customers) money, and the prebiotic wash actually helps clean the water as the excess goes down the drain. Think about that for a moment: When we, as consultants, switch our families, our customers, our hostesses and our new customers to a GREEN and earth friendly prebiotic wash, it means that when we use this product, "it leaves NO footprint on the environment". Not only that, but Mark Hessling shared on our new product LGU launch call that "it will help to remove heavy metals and compounds in the environment". Isn't that incredible? This 3 in 1 Prebiotic Wash will "balance your body's ecosystem; the microbiological zoo." Mark Hessling Were you aware that we have this incredible Environmental Scientist, Product Developer and Innovator on the Lemongrass Spa home office team?

p.s. What are the three uses for the "Prebiotic 3 in 1 Wash"?
Answer: Shampoo, Body Wash and Shaving Gel

There you are! This Prebiotic Wash may help to improve the health of your skin, save money and improve our environment all with ONE bottle!

If you haven't tried our Prebiotic Body Wash, you are also in for a real treat.
Here is how we describe this innovative product in our newest catalog:
"Did you know....your skin is literally a microbiological zoo?
Our innovative prebiotic body wash is an incredibly powerful ally to creating a healthy environment for your skin.
The ingredients in this formulation, including sea kelp, help balance the pH of the skin and act as emollients. the wash works in a positive manner with the body's biosystem to aid in skin restoration and include natural healing agents, which expedite the recovery and repair of skin from blemishes, scars and wounds."

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