Friday, August 14, 2015

Fundraising Event to Help our Teachers

One of the best ways to run my business is to use it as an avenue to Fundraise and this month my fundraiser is all about our hard-working Teachers! How many hard-working teachers are in your life or your kid's lives? My first job straight out of college was as a teacher and it was the hardest job I have ever loved.  Funds were tight and I recall having to "check out" two pieces of chalk; that was eye-opening as to the state of our schools. I spent a lot of my money on necessities. 

Would you like to place your order for your Lemongrass Favorites on my "Teachers Rule" link and I will choose a local teacher or a couple teachers to bless with gift cards so they don't have to use as much of their hard-earned money on school supplies?  

You may find my "Teachers Rule" link here and enjoy looking around: 

click: Shop Online
select: Teachers Rule

There are two ways to help with this fundraiser:

1) If you don't know any teachers well that you would like to bless, then visit my "Teachers RULE" link over at: and re-order your favorite Lemongrass necessities or try something new.  
I will give the hostess rewards (in products) to teachers and also donate 15% of the total sales (in the form of a gift card) to a teacher or a couple of teachers so they can use this gift card when school supplies are running low.

2) If you have a Teacher in mind that you want to receive the Gift Card, then here is how that works:   Get in touch with me right away via email: or on Facebook and let me know you either want to do an online FB event (these are fast, fun and easy) OR that you want to host a live spa party with this fundraiser and make it even larger. 

For the "Teachers RULE" fundraiser, I will donate 15% of the total sales in the form of a gift card to the store of the teacher's choice so they don't have to use their hard earned money to buy supplies for the classroom. You are welcome to keep the hostess rewards as your reward and choose all your favorite Lemongrass necessities with our Hostess program!  

If nothing else, take a moment to thank the amazing teachers you know who give so much of their time to our kids and our community: 

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