Thursday, February 11, 2021

Trying something NEW

Encouraging thoughts for anyone trying something new in your business or life this month: It helps to have a guide and follow along with someone who has walked the path at least once. Case in point: I purchased this lettering book and although there are lots of instructions, I wasn’t able to look at those and then replicate the letters on a blank page and get a satisfying result. The instructions were plentiful, but I was a novice and moving from reading what to do to a blank page was a bit daunting. It created a disappointing result when I tried this myself. So....I purchased some tracing paper and I’ll use this technique until I have enough practice!
The same is true in our business! When we try something for the first time, there is value in following along and tracing over the steps that are working well for someone else instead of hitting frustration.
What are you trying in your business this month that is new for you or that you have not perfected? Could you benefit from walking alongside and learning from what someone else has figured out about that already?
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