Thursday, November 3, 2016

Immune Boost is the Essential Oil of the month

Welcome November! We love the Fall weather, but not the cold and flu that sometimes accompany the season--

Introducing our Essential Oil of the month special to help you get all the oils you need in your home.
My very favorite essential oil is on special and allow me share a few ways I use it: When I am just barely starting to get a cold, I put three to four drops in my diffuser and set that right by my bed while I'm sleeping. I have done this several times and have woken up feeling "just fine"!

Another use is when someone in my house is already fighting a bad cold, I diffuse Immune Boost in the kitchen and encourage everyone to breathe in the billowing air that is being diffused. I encourage them to take in two or three deep breaths of the diffused Immune Boost. Why breathe it in? I learned from a certified aromatherapist that when the immune boost molecules attach to our lung tissue, they become like little fighter "warriors" ready to fight off any colds or illness. They go right to work as warriors in our bodies and I, for one, like that image of helping my body to stay healthy. Two of the most effective methods to use essential oils is through inhalation or application (diluted) on our skin.

I also adore having Immune Boost in a travel rollerball full of coconut oil and then adding just a drop or two of Immune Boost. My preferred method for this is to use it on my pressure points, which includes my wrists, behind the ears and along my collarbone or along my hairline. If I have a sore throat, then I will also apply it with the rollerball exactly where I am having pain in my throat. Simply put, I have to have Immune Boost during cold and flu season in my house. With five of us, it is easy to bring a cold in and immune boost makes a big difference for me personally. If you have a diffuser already, you can enjoy Immune Boost on special this month. If you need a diffuser, then you can enjoy a bundled discount! Find everything here:

Please take a look at our flier which recommends this blend not be used near or around those under age ten.

Here is the bundled special with our high-quality Welcome Home Diffuser, which runs over six hours and some have had it run as long as a full eight hours.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my favorite essential oil and I look forward to your comments sharing about your favorite essential oil.

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