Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Safe and Natural Sunscreen Solution

This time of year I receive a lot of questions about how to use a Safe and Chemical-FREE sunscreen.  I put together this quick video to answer your questions about our Lemongrass Spa Products natural and safe sunscreen. Both our Sports Stick (solid) and Sports Sunscreen (lotion) provide broad spectrum coverage UVA and UVB with SPF 30.

It is tough to find a natural physical barrier sunscreen that works well and that everyone in the family will enjoy using.  I hope this video will answer your questions about our sunscreen.

Our Sports Sunscreen (lotion) bottle states:
* Goes on Clear
* Unscented
* Petroleum Free
* Ocean Friendly
* Natural Mineral Formula for Face and Body
* 4 fluid ounces
* GMO free (free of genetically modified organisms)
* Gluten FREE
* Vegan
* Non-Nano  (this is GREAT!  You do not want nano-particles on your skin)
* Biodegradable
Four (4) Fluid ounces (114 ml)
 Here is the link (with ingredients) for the Sport Sunscreen 4 fl ounce:
Sport Sunscreen (Lotion) SPF 30 by Lemongrass Spa Products

Our Sports Stick is available as a solid and you conveniently push it up as you use it.
My favorite is our Tinted Sunscreen Sports Stick with SPF 30:
It is also:
* Gluten FREE
* Soy Free
* GMO Free
* Petroleum Free
* Ocean Friendly (safe to use while swimming in the ocean)
* A Natural Vanilla Oil blend is added as a natural insect repellent and my kids think they smell like chocolate when they wear this sunscreen!

Bonus:  The Sports Stick is one ounce and so it is airline-friendly.  Watch the video to see how to most effectively use our Sunscreen Sports Stick.

Our Tinted Sunscreen Sports Stick is colored with bronze mica (non-nano) and blends beautifully. The best part is that the minerals (mica) will even warm up to your skin tone.  I highly recommend our tinted sports stick and personally prefer it over the non-tinted version.

Here is the link (with ingredients) for our Tinted Sunscreen Sports Stick (one ounce): 
Tinted Sunscreen Sports Stick SPF 30

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  1. Is the sports stick safe for young children?

  2. Hi Barb, our sports stick is safe for young children and I use it on my own kids. Newborn babies are supposed to avoid sun exposure due to their thin skin. I hope that helps and thanks for your question.

  3. I have a customer who has adopted two African American kids and wants to know if it will give them a blue hue ?