Thursday, September 19, 2013

"No one can do everything; everyone can do something"

Yesterday, I had the joy of sharing my mission of using healthy products from cleaning supplies to head to toe skin care products to food with my MOPS group. My intention was to share one item to avoid and one item to replace instead. We focused on ten areas-- That was plenty!

It is a big responsibility to talk to moms and by that, I mean, I want my message to be one of hope and not one of fear. Fear brings about overwhelm and apathy and inaction. Instead, I wanted to share action steps that would leave everyone feeling empowered to make just one change at a time.

A powerful quote that I use in this instance is:
"No one can do everything; everyone can do something"  from the non-profit organization,

I encouraged moms to make changes at a pace that works well for their families, whether that is making one change a month or one change every ten days....It is up to them and it is in their hands.
Imagine making just one positive change every ten days.....Where would you be in a year?

One quote that I find is tremendously empowering is from a Pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene:

"For an individual parent, we only have a very small area to defend. Chemicals get into kids in basically three ways:

  • what goes into their mouth
  • what they breathe
  • what goes onto their skin
If we take charge there, that is the BEST way we can protect our own kids."  

Every mom (and dad) I know wants to to the best things for their kids. It is part of who they are and what makes them such a great parent for their kiddos. 

If you have not seen this short and powerful video from Healthy Child Healthy World, I highly recommend you take a couple minutes to do so:

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